Telling Your Business Story

We begin with a needs assessment to really understand your needs, wants and expectations. This phase provides a customized approach for you and your organization.

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Finding Your Best Stories

I will guide you in step by step exercises to draw upon your imagination, creativity and memory. We will uncover your best stories to connect and engage your important audience meaningfully. With each exercise completed, your story and your storytelling becomes polished, turning into something that you will be proud to share.

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Delivering Your Story

A key deliverable will be your story in prose, in your voice, with all the nuances of your personality. Ultimately, the story will have audience appeal, capable of engaging the hearts and minds of listeners.

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Our Clients Tell the Best Stories

"We have always felt that Foresters has a great story to tell. But when we were faced with a unique challenge, that of telling the story of what our future could be, we turned to BJ McCabe for advice and guidance. The stakes were very high: an unprecedented change initiative that, if successful, would ensure that our organization would not only survive, but would thrive, and would be a leader in our field. BJ helped us understand how our story could help us present change to our stakeholders in a way that made it appealing, comfortable, and even inspirational. BJ is insightful, and a joy to work with, and she rolled her sleeves up and worked in the trenches with us. Her contribution to the project was invaluable." Linda Poetz, Director, Foresters

"BJ gets participants involved in her stories. Then she has them working on stories of their own and provides multiple ways of weaving their own magic. Her passion and her talent for "finding your story" can help anyone become a better storyteller, communicator, writer or speaker." Jacques Bruent, Professional Speaker

"A success story to share: I was asked to speak at a technical conference as the opening speaker. The response was amazing! Although I was nervous, I was able to project confidence. Feedback received said my talk was a refreshing change. Listeners said I was clear and they could easily picture what I was speaking on and they loved the fact that I did it all without the use of PowerPoint slides. So thank you for your storytelling sessions!" Shelly Cunningham, Senior Vice President, Engineering, PowerStream Inc.

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